nomad____ (nomad____) wrote in vaginapagina,

Headache from loestrin? pregnant?

Ello yall! I have a question: I have been getting almost daily headaches for the past 2 weeks that pretty much start as soon as I awake and sometimes lasting all the way til I sleep as well as heartburn once at 3am for the first time in my life a couple days ago.. Could it be related to this birthcontrol? (this is my 2nd month taking this birth control)? Also I took my last active pill Monday and I still haven't gotten my period-- I have a pregnancy test that I could take but does that seem late to ya'll? Last month I skipped my period (started new pack right away) but I went to planned parenthood and got a new prescription like 2 weeks ago and they gave me a pregnancy test per protocol and it was negative.

I used to be on 21 day birth control (as opposed to the 24 day)- does this period seem "late" for a 24 day BC? Also info regarding BC and headaches would be appreciated!!

And-- should I wait til I get my period or start my new pack of BC today (which is when I typically would start it on 24 day BC)

<3 thanks loves and sorry for excessive parenthesis o_O!
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