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PSA: Pingbacks

Hello Vulva-Loving Superstars!

As many of you may know, Livejournal has decided recently to make some changes to make it easier for members to connect their journal entries or comments to social networks -- specifically Twitter and Facebook. We know most of you probably dislike pingbacks, and hey, we do too. We've been discussing how this affects vaginapagina and your privacy, and would like to make a public service announcement about how you can more safely guard your content.

First, you may find reading this post put together by Livejournal user dawna, as helpful as we did. It provides more information than the original news post that Livejournal released, by actually explaining exactly what pingbacks mean for you, and how they work.

Next, the best ways for you to safeguard your posts is to:
-Change your privacy settings to disable pingbacks, if you've not already done so.
-Keep your entries in vaginapagina friends-only, so that if a user links to a comment in your post, only their comment will be seen.

We aren't able to police the internet or actions of our members elsewhere, so for now we will not be making a rule disallowing pingbacks. However, if you choose to enable this option, it is important to be respectful of OPs and their privacy -- that way VP can remain the Safe Space that we all work so hard to provide. VP functions so well because our members do their best to make each other feel comfortable, and we hope that our ideals of keeping vaginapagina a Safe Space are as important to you as they are to us.

Lastly, we do realize that pingbacks will be made (and have already been made since the announcement), so we will be as vigilant as ever in watching for trolling and trouble borrowing. Both of which work against the spirit of Safe Space, are unwelcome here, and are things that can you get banned from VP. If you are interested in discussing this post further, please post over in contact_vp, where we discuss VP policy and actions, rather than posting in VP proper.

Thank you for being the awesome folks you are,

For the VP Team
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