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please just let me stop bleeding...

Hi VagPagers! I'll keep this short as possible.  I've posted twice about this non stop period, and it's still not letting up. I went to the doctor yesterday, and they didn't have an in-house ob-gyn, and I didn't really want the first check up ever to be by a general practitioner, especially while I was bleeding so heavy. I also had a pretty bad head cold so they said they would refer me to an ob-gyn that would work out a payment plan with me. Anyways. Does anyone know any herbal anything, anything at all, that would help me with the bleeding? I'm honestly pretty used to it at this point, I'm taking prenatals to help with the iron, getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of fluids, so I don't feel tired. I'm not bleeding insanely heavy anymore. It is enough, however, to kill my sex life. My male partner doesn't mind, but we have another girlfriend also, and if she is there or if it's just me an her, yeah. I gets no love. It's hurting me emotionally too, because it's making me feel less than sexy. I really wish I'd just stop, but until I hear back from my clinic about my ob-gyn appointment, I'm pretty much stuck letting it do it's own thing.

I guess I'm really asking does anyone have any ways I can get myself involved without having to actually have someone touch my vajay? Like I said, the male partner doesn't mind, so I've gotten a bit of loving when it's just me an him, but, still. It takes away from the sexyness when we have to go hop in the shower afterwards, which especially sucks if we're close on time or something. Please help. I just want to feel sexy again :(
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