winterraindrop (winterraindrop) wrote in vaginapagina,

can I have sex again, please?

You ladies have been so helpful the last few weeks as I've been trying to make this beast of a yeast infection go away. After 2 prescription pills and a prescription vaginal 3 days suppository I think it's finally on its way to gone.
Here's my question:
My fwb is coming to visit this weekend. I'm super excited, and obviously I'd like to have sex. However, I don't want to harm myself, pass it along to my partner, or do anything to make my YI come back. I'm also worried about condoms. The medication says it can damage a diaphragm, so I'm worried about it rendering a condom useless (although we'd use one to prevent it being passed on to him, we don't use them for birth control).
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