silversdestiny (silversdestiny) wrote in vaginapagina,

Heavy heavy periods

Hey VPer's, I hope someone here can help. On and off, I have insanely heavy periods (leaking with a super-plus tampon after about 30 minutes). Right now it is as heavy as it's ever been, and i'm starting to feel really weak and have a headache. I'm assuming it's from bloodloss and am trying to drink a lot of fluids and eat iron rich foods. The real problem is that I have work tomorrow and I really can't miss it. Nor can I run to the bathroom every 15 or 20 minutes. I'm not on BC and don't have insurance so no doctor either :(

What do I do? Are there any at home remedies that help lighten blood flow? Sometimes exercise helps me but not today. Also, i've noticed that I often get a heavier period if i ate chocolate or other sugary junk food, or drink alcohol. What's the correlation there? Does junk food and alcohol effect anyone else's period this way?
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