may_third (may_third) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstrual bleeding and aspirin...hmph

So, I forgot that aspirin is known to make period bleeding worse and I took several yesterday in an attempt to make my back ache go away. Not only did it not really work but it was...The dumbest idea ever. I am bleeding way more now and thought to google ways to ease menstrual bleeding. One of the big tips that came up was to "AVOID ASPIRIN/PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN ASPIRIN." Eff.

Why does aspirin/other OTC pain medication with aspirin in it make bleeding so much worse?
And is there anything I can do to ease it? (Besides stop taking the stupid aspirin, which I already have done)

I usually have pretty manageable bleeding but I'm going through several more tampons a day than normal for me, all while visiting my fiance on an army post for a week where I can't buy anything with my debit card unless I go off post, so he has to buy everything for me. Haha :P Thanks a lot in advance <3
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