Moon (velkoria) wrote in vaginapagina,

body problems and people...

Okay so... this is not necessarily about my vagina but about... every other part of me. Here's the short version of it: I went away for 3 years and had some medical problems to b dealt with... they included a bunch of medication that made me gain almost DOUBLE my weight almost in like... no time. After I was given the okay by doctors I got off the meds and lost weight in... no time (minus 10 or so pounds but eh... I'm still working on that). What was the result of this? Stretch marks, lose skin, and boobs that went from A cups to... DD's and now have settled to small C's or full B's (I am tiny, 4'11'' so 180 pounds is WAY TOO MUCH for my frame).

I got fit, healthy, got my life back in order, everything! But... now, at 22, I have the body of someone that has had three kids... and I have none. Don't get me wrong... if I had had kids I probably wouldn't mind as much but I mind... My mother has decided to play for my surgery to get my body back. In other words in December I am getting my boobs done (lifted and put in an implant to fill me out to what my skin now is... about a small C), mini tummy tuck and some tiny arm lifting. This makes me incredibly happy! Seriously, because I want to feel confident again and while my confidence is way higher than it used to be... my body feels almost alien to me some days. I look pretty awesome in clothes but... take that away and to ME (no boys involved in decision making, promise! and... I was single and happy to be single when I made the decision) I look... not too good.

So I'm happy and that''s all that matters right? Well.. think again... You have no idea the comments I get from people about this whole thing! I am a straight A student in the top 5 percentile of my school... one of the best schools in the country, actually ranked number 1 nationally. I am a hard worker, who donates her time and money for causes that need to be helped here. I am, of course, worried about my looks but this is not ALL I think about! I have time to you know... get good grades, study, work out (which I do 3 -4 times a week) and think about world problems so much I am a member of IMUN (the sort of, university version of the UN here). So why do I keep getting comments from people that KNOW ME about how selfish, horrible, and stupid I am?? Usually these comments are even made to MY FACE. About how insecure I am, how I just want to attract men and that I will turn into some slut... and I never know how to react, I just stand there or get angry.

So basically... what would you do in my situation? And... in all to gods honest truth do people really think that EVERYONE who gets plastic/reconstructive surgery is the devil's spawn of materialistic evilness?
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