socketysock17 (socketysock17) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy Paranoia

So, I'm pretty sure I'm just being paranoid and irrational (I really over-worry about stuff sometimes) but I'm feeling a little paranoid about pregnancy after something that happened, and after doing some internet searching about risk (probably a bad idea, I know, I know, if you look hard enough on the internet you'll get "Buying a pet goldfish got me pregnant by aliens!" and other such nonsense) and not being reassured (got loads of differing information) I thought I'd ask here, because I know members of this community are knowledgeable...

About 2 days ago I gave my boyfriend a hand job, got semen on my hands, washed them a couple times then and loads of times between then and now (not obsessive handwashing, I mean, over the course of my daily activities), and then just now I fingered myself. There's absolutely no way sperm could survive that and get me pregnant, could it?

Thanks. :)
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