Shelby (cattylina) wrote in vaginapagina,

What time should I take my yaz?

 I recently started college and I'm usually out very, very late on Fridays and Saturdays (like, I get back to my dorm at 4-5am), so I wake up around 2ish and take my yaz+wellbutrin then. On other days, I take my pills around 9ish, except on Wednesdays because I don't have a class until 2:10, so I usually sleep later. I know that you need to take the pills around the same time everyday for them to be totally effective, but since my schedule is so weird, I'm having a hard time normalizing them. I don't think taking them at night is much of an option either, because I am never really in my dorm room at any particular time. 

Do you fine people have any suggestions? I'm not sexually active at the moment, but I want to be fully protected from pregnancy when I am. 
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