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Spotting, really odd period, or something to worry about?

Hi all! 

So this is a rather odd thing that happened. I stopped taking Junel in August to see if it was causing YIs. Fortunately none were apparent afcter I stopped so I was really excited! Then I didn't have sex the rest of August and was finally geographically close enough to my bf Wednesday September 2nd to have sexytimes. Sexytimes were had and, while my girly bits weren't particularly happy with me, nothing hurt and there weren't any signs of a YI. Yay! We took a shower together, all was good.

Then I moved to a new dorm and took a shower in the brand new bathrooms on Friday the 3rd (the building is brand new, if this has any relevance), and I noticed a bit of a yeasty smell, but not too strong so I put some Vagisil cream on it, and that seemed to work. Saturday night the bf and I had <i>lots of sex</i>. With and, unfortunately, without protection (surprise middle-of-the-night sex) although he did pull out. 

We also have been trying to make me squirt both manually and with a brand-new vibrator, which I think is rubber but am not sure. It's not the best quality toy. We didn't succeed, unfortunately, but that's another post.

After we were completely done playing around, (this is Sunday morning) I went to the bathroom and discovered what seemed to be pretty bright blood. So I figured hey! All our playing around made me start my period. Awesome. I put a pad on and went about my day. I had slight on and off cramping, but that's basically it. A couple of hours later I decide to check on the pad to see if it needed to be changed and there was only a little bit of blood. I changed to a pantyliner and it wasn't even registering that there was any blood. My period tends to be very light to nonexistent later in the day/during the night, so I thought that's what happened...it's now Wednesday. I had definite symptoms of a YI (discharge/smell and slight itching) that I took care of with cranberry juice and yogurt (had to use a spoon as I'm in dorms. Ouch!) It's almost gone but no sign of my period.

To sum everything up: lack of sleep, lack of proper food, lots of sex after a bit of a dry spell, lots of environmental changes (the water is terrible here btw it's making my face break out like whoa), bright red blood but no period and return of the Yeast Monster.

Can anyone give me any insight as to what the blood was? Was it from our rather vigorous, albeit unsuccessful, attempts at making me squirt or did we do something that possibly damaged something? Or do I have to be worried about being knocked up, because he didn't pee in-between sessions even though he did withdraw?

And are we passing the yeast infection back and forth between us or is it the water/stress/new toy/lots of sex that's making my vajay unhappy? The yeast infection seems to be going away fairly easily, unlike all the other times when I tried to vanquish it with garlic.

I have a gynecologist appointment set up for later in the week, but I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to talk to her about all of this as I don't know her that well. Please help? Thank you so much! 
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