augustine rose (augustine_rose) wrote in vaginapagina,
augustine rose

Menstrual cup help?

 Hello all,

I have a question about menstrual cups.  I've been interested in trying one for a while, having read many good things about environmental benefits, cost effectiveness, ease of use, and so on.  

The thing that's been holding me back is that I don't know what kind of cup to try.  I'm a college student with a very limited income, so I don't want to be buying piles of $30 cups to test and to toss.  I'm hoping that if I give a bit of background on myself, maybe some experienced cup users can point me towards one kind or another that might be a good place to start!

I'm 21 years old, sexually active (oral/manual) for 4 years, and I've been having intercourse for 3 years within a monogamous relationship.  Prior to losing my virginity I could not wear tampons comfortably, and it took several weeks of intercourse before sex stopped being painful.  I'm still fairly sensitive, and sometimes have minor discomfort the first time my boyfriend and I have sex after being apart for a while.  Tampons are fine now, but leak like crazy - I feel like I can only have one in for a couple of hours before I need to change it, and that's even with a "super" tampon.  It's very inconvenient when I'm running around campus all day, in lab or in class, trying to get my work done.  I also get insanely painful cramps - sometimes I don't even want to get out of bed because I hurt so bad, but it's generally manageable if I start taking Advil or Aleve as soon as I feel them starting.  

I know that cups take some getting used to and it takes a while to master how to fit it properly and so on.  I'm concerned that a cup will make my cramps even worse, and I'm also concerned about the potential width; I'm worried that a cup might be uncomfortable all the time.

I've read about the Diva cup and heard good things about it, but I've also heard of other brands, and I'm really not sure which to try!  Any advice or feedback would be hugely appreciated.  Everything I've read makes it sound like a cup will make my life so much easier, if I can get one that works well for me!

Thanks so much,
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