cementisawkward (cementisawkward) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control and oral sex

My partner after his complaining about hair and then making me anxious, found giving cunnilingus pleasant.
Thought I should update that issue.

Anyhow, I am thinking of going on birth control. This decision is not really linked to my sex like; it has more to do with my friends telling me how ace birth control made them feel. I also have awful irregular periods and cramps, so the fact that bc helps with that business is appealing.
The only problem is - I can't find ANY birth control that is 100% safe to use with my epilepsy medication (Lamictal and Keppra). I take really high doses of them (300mg bid Lamictal, 2000mg bid Keppra), and I don't want to risk something messing up their levels.
Ordinarily, I would call my doctor, but they would ask for a visit, and my insurance is being not nice lately.
Do any of you VPers take bc along with those medications? And if so is it safe?
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