Sabby (smokyvelvet) wrote in vaginapagina,

YI and wtf is going on with my hoo-ha?

Okay, I made a post a couple of days ago, which can be found here the short version of that one is cycle issues whole life, a couple of years with no period, a couple of years with a few, a year with almost normal, and now this past month bleed heavy for a week, stop for 5 days, bleed heavy for a week, stop for three days, bleed heavy for 2 days, stop. I now have what I believe is to be an external yeast infection. Between the first and 2nd period, me and hubs had some fairly hard sex, and 1 time we made and oopsie and did some anal and he forgot to wash off before going back vaginally. I didn't show any symptoms however of anything. We recently bought a new vibrator, and I haven't used one in a very very very long time. a couple of days ago, I was slightly bleeding, used the vibrator, and felt *really* sore after. It continued to get worse until that night. I have since stopped bleeding. I thought I might be irritated just from the vibe, (it's a rabbit type vibe, jelly, but quite fast and a quite a bit bigger than hubs) but I went to um, spread some discharge around because I was having a very hard time staying moisturized, and my discharge was quite thick, and white. That combined with the irritation and itching, I assumed YI. I've been using yogurt for about 16 hours now, and while it seems to be helping a bit, my husband said that I was quite red and irritated when he helped me squirt some in last night, and I'm still spotting a bit, but it's a very odd color for me, rusty reddish brown.  I have an appointment on the 8th...if I'm not cleared up in a couple of days, do I need to push the appointment ahead, since it's so close? I'm worried it might be bacterial if this is something from anal play and not cleaning a toy well enough or something..and if so, should I be worried about PIV? Especially since I've been squirting yogurt up there? 

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