k h r (karenalot) wrote in vaginapagina,
k h r

breakthrough bleeding?

i've been on birth control pills for a couple years now. i started on loestrin24fe, then switched the the nuvaring, and now i'm on yasmin (actually, the generic, ocella).

i started yasmin this month, and i got my period before the end of the pack. my blank pills start in 2 days, yet still i got my period. this also has happened on the nuvaring, and i dont remember if it has on loestrin. but it seems to be happening more often.

the other meds i'm on are lexapro, lamictal, and klonopin, which i have started recently. the breakthrough bleeding has happened before this.

it also isn't just spotting... my period actually seems to start, and on time. my problem before i started the pill was that i was bleeding too often.

i'm also diagnosed with PCOS. i also take a multivitamin and fish oil pills if it makes a difference.

can anyone think of any reasoning for this, and should i worry? is my birth control still working?
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