boltedshut (boltedshut) wrote in vaginapagina,

exercising during period

hey all,
i'm headed out to go do some serious exercising (flexes arms) and realized i'm spotting... BOO!
i hate working out during my period- especially if i'm doing something intense or bikram yoga. i usually use reusable pads and/or sponges to keep myself from bleeding down my leg, but hate all the bulkiness when i'm exercising. 
even though i hate tampons, i tend to switch to tampons if i'm doing bikram yoga, i tried once with a sponge, and i guess i squeezed my inside muscles and gushed a bit... i ended up not being able to concentrate at all during class bcs i was worried i was going to leave blood stains everywhere (i have quite the imagination).
just wondering what you all do when it's the time of the month and you want to work out...
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