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Non-stop period

Hi you lovely Vag-pagers! I have a bit of a problem, and I'm wondering if anyone can offer any help.
A bit of background: I'm 25, in a monogamous relationship for 5 years, sti free as far as I know. I've had cycle problems since I was about 16. I've got an doctor's appointment on the 8th to finally get checked out after my doctor at 16 gave up after a couple of years of stuff not working, and a single father not being able to know how to force that issue.

From 16-20 I maybe had 3,4 periods at the most, then at 21 it picked up a little more to about 2 a year, until this past year and I have had lots of periods, almost one every month, until this past month.

It has literally been bleed really super heavy for a week, stop for about 5 days, bleed really super heavy for a week, and then I stopped again for about 3 days, and now I'm bleeding again. And, by stop, I mean, my discharge is still pink but it's not a full flow. It has been super, um, chunky, too. Like I said, I have an appointment on the 8th to get looked at, but I have a few questions.

My questions are 1. I'm changing my pad at the heaviest, upwards of every two hours and I'm passing at least quarter sized clots. If it's not clotty, it's still a lot, very bright red, and slightly watery, except for this last time, and it's very dark. I have not cramped at all, except for this last time, and I'm having moderate cramps this time. Should I be concerned and try to get my appointment pushed up? 2. Right before the 2nd period, we engaged in anal sex, and then went back to vaginal without thinking and I got a little irritated and itchy until the 2nd period. Could I have a infection making me bleed? 3. God, does anyone have any ideas to help boost my energy? I've been really drained and tired and have no desire to do anything but lay in bed, and I have had a killer headache this time too.

Any help is appreciated, and you are all super!
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