D. (rustleofswing) wrote in vaginapagina,

crazy period experience -- what happened???

So, I had quite a scary/traumatic period experience a few days ago. My periods tend to be heavy and painful on the first day, less so on the second and then it tapers off. Most of my periods last 5 days.

It was the second day of my period (about a week after I used metrogel for a case of BV -- don't know if it's related), and my boyfriend and I were heading out to a bar to meet with some of his friends. We were on vacation, and I had run out of super tampons, so I changed to a regular right before we left, figuring I'd be fine for a few hours. Normally, I would be! On the way to the bar, I had some cramping, which I thought was a little strange as on day 2 the cramps are usually only present in the morning, if at all.

So we were at the bar for an hour and a half or so and I got up to get my dude and I some drinks. While at the bar, I felt a little weird, and randomly put my hand at my crotch. It was soaking wet. I ran to the bathroom and I had bled through my tampon, underwear and thick denim jeans. It wasn't just a little bit either. It was a good quarter to halfway down my thighs. After I pulled out my tampon and was trying to compose myself and clean up while sitting on the toilet, a huge clot just fell out of my vag. Needless to say I grabbed my guy and got home ASAP.

None of this hurt, but it FREAKED ME OUT. For a second I thought I was miscarrying, but I had been to the gyno a week earlier and took a pregnancy test and figured she would have told me if I was preggers! Since that evening, my period has been totally normal.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?
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