thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Skipping on tri-phasic pill

One more b.c. question!

I read the vulvapaedia article on skipping a period with a tri-phasic pill and I understand it's a bit more complicated than on a mono-phasic. I'm on ortho tricyclin lo and I wanted to skip my period this month. I'm nearing the end of the hormonal pills in the pack and I had a quick question. The vulvapaudia suggests starting the next pack backwards. So if the pills go forward in color from light blue to dark blue, I would start at dark blue and move lighter for this next month.

My question: could I start the next pack at the intermediate strength pill? I really hate what the strongest hormone week does to my body and I would prefer to not stretch that for two weeks. Or would that count as a strong drop in hormones and cause breakthrough bleeding? In terms of protection, it should be fine, because I'm still taking at least 21 active pills. At the end of the second month, it just will have been 35 pills instead of 42. Has anyone tried this and had bleeding?

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