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Bad reaction to the pads i've been wearing?

I wear pads when i'm menstrual because tampons hurt way too much and I tried the Divacup but it was way too big and would always either fall out or cause a lot of pain (my vag is about the circumference of a dime and not very stretchy). Anyway, my period just ended and I used the same kind of pads I usually use. Last night I felt kind of sore and itchy there, more than I usually do after my period ends, but I shrugged it off and didn't think much of it. It got progressively worse, especially the itching, then while I was masturbating that night my entire vag felt like it was EXTREMELY swollen. I wasn't very aroused so I don't think that was the cause of the swelling. I feel fine today though, the itching and the soreness and the swelling are all gone so I don't think it's a yeast infection. Could it have just been an allergic reaction to something in the pads?
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