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how to deal with molluscum at home

A few months ago I noticed bumps on my pubic area and, of course, freaked out. Googling only made it worse of course - the only results I found related to bumps or warts that weren't ingrown hairs or rashes from shaving were things like herpes and genital warts.

After about a week I decided to stop freaking myself out and go to Planned Parenthood. The exam took less than 5 minutes before the doctor diagnosed me with molluscum contagiosum. I think I'm pretty well informed in regards to sexual health, but I had never heard of this.

The clinician told me there were several treatment options: an expensive cream, freezing, acid treatment, lancing, or we could leave it and it would go away on its own, but that could take several months.

She also mentioned that I could do the lancing at home, myself, but that I'd need to be careful not to get any fluid from the bumps on my skin because the virus would spread. She recommended lots of hydrogen peroxide.

Initially I had no plans to be sexually active, so I decided to wait it out, but the universe being what it is... I met a guy. I wanted to be able to have sex with him spontaneously, without having to disclose a transmissible virus, and I didn't have the money to spend to go back to PP and get treatment.

At first I tried a product I found online called ZymaDerm which claimed to treat the issue, but after a couple weeks I saw no changes at all.

Finally I decided, to hell with squeamishness! And I lanced them myself at home.

Since I had so much trouble finding out what this was and didn't know how to deal with the problem at all, I decided now that it's cleared up I should share the information online for others to find.

I had 5 bumps, three in a row higher on my pelvis, and two larger ones very close to my labia. To be safe, I chose to treat the higher ones first before risking anything delicate.

I took a hot shower first to get clean. The hot water also made the bumps more apparent - after the shower the mound of the bump was redder than my skin and the waxy head was noticeably paler.

I took a needle from my sewing kit and soaked two cotton balls in peroxide. I sat on the closed toilet with these things next to me on the counter.

One by one, I scraped the point of the needle across the head of the bump until I saw a small amount of blood, then put pressure on the spot with the peroxide. Since I have hair, I couldn't bandage the area, so I just put on comfy underwear and went about my day.

Within two days, the bumps were definitely smaller and fading away, so I repeated the process with the two larger, more prominent bumps.

After a couple days those didn't seem to be changing, so I did it one more time. After a day or two, they got smaller and less pink/red.

Within the week, all of the bumps were gone with no scabbing or scarring.

The pain level of doing this was very low, I'd say on par with plucking your eyebrows - there's a moment of shock, and then a bit of a sting, but soon you don't notice it at all and it's all over.

I hope this helps someone else who is scared or unsure and looking for information like I was.
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