diegobunny (diegobunny) wrote in vaginapagina,

sweet smelling discharge

Hey guys!

For some reason, I realized today that my vaginal discharge has been smelling sweet. This might be TMI, but I was on the toilet today, trying to go #2, but I couldn't. My boyfriend had stepped into the bathroom after me and he even noticed a smell (it wasn't STRONG, but it was there, just faintly). Today was the first day I noticed it, but I'm not very observant. As far as my discharge goes, it's still clear and pretty much normal, so it's not any infections that I'm aware of. If it's anything, I'm having just a tiny bit more discharge than normal, but it's not extreme or anything-it feels like a natural fluctuation in the amount. I haven't had sex recently either, so that hasn't upset the normal pH balance either (we have safe monogamous sex where he ejaculates in me).

I've recently changed my diet from a very unhealthy one (eating fast food pretty much all the time) to eating very healthy-no fried foods, eating a little less meat, more vegetables, and more fruit. I've switched my diet for 3 weeks now.

I've tried googling this, but apparently it only refers to people who are pregnant apparently (I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant-I had my "period" 2 weeks ago, but I've had sex. I guess we'll see next month?). Also, people talk about menstrual changes and ovulation, but I'm on the pill so ovulation wouldn't apply to me.

I just wanted to know if this is normal (I am well aware that it is most likely caused by my diet change, especially the fruit, but I didn't eat fruit yesterday or today and my vaginal discharge is smelling sweet *today*), and if it is indicative of anything that might be wrong.

Thanks in advance!
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