. (theflamewithin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Itchy Vulva

Currently, I have an extremely itchy vulva. It's been a problem I have had on and off forever. All of my STD tests have come back negative and the doctors say it's not a yeast infection. However, it has gotten so bad recently that it aches all the time. Sometimes I'll itch it till it bleeds and I have skin under my nails from doing so. I've been trying to keep my nails short, but nothing seems to work. Currently, it is so painful I'm having a hard time wearing pants and have to wash my hair in the sink because the water is excruciating over the spots I've scratched into scabs. The past few days the pain has brought me to tears.

My doctor is currently on vacation though I do have an appointment to see him when he gets back. In the mean time, is there anything anyone would suggest I put on my vulva to sooth the wounds or prevent it from being so itchy? I don't usually wear underwear, but have become really diligent in washing my pants. Half the time I'll change my pants in the middle of the day to keep everything clean. I also strip my bed every night and put on new sheets to keep clean, but nothing seems to be helping. Not to mention I have cut my nails as short as possible so to not cause anymore wounds. Honestly, it's affecting my daily life and is extremely painful. Any tips you have will be of a great help to me.
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