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how do I know my yeast infection is gone?

Hello. I've come to you ladies twice in the past and both times you've been amazing. So, here I am again.

I went to the doctor on Friday knowing I had my first yeast infection - I was right. They gave me Fluconazole (for those who don't know it's a 150mg tablet that you take orally). She said that one pill usually does it, but sometimes women need two. I took the pill around 3pm on Friday, so it's been 3 days exactly. I feel silly for asking, but how do I know that one pill did the job? The feeling of tightness/soreness is gone, but my discharge still is a little more white than normal, and there is some slight itching goes on. Although none if it is anywhere near the porcupine in my vagina feeling I had on Friday. Before the itching felt internal, but now some of it feels external. Is that normal? Or could it have spread? I feel silly for asking, but if I scratched could I have infected myself/caused a external YI?

My second question - Like I said, this is my first yeast infection, so when I started getting symptoms I was really confused. I masturbated that night using my vibrator (bad idea, I know). How do I clean it so that I don't reinfect myself. Usually I just use soap and water. Do I have to use something stronger?

Thank you!
*edited because I didn't explain it very well the fist time.
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