in_thegreenroom (in_thegreenroom) wrote in vaginapagina,

Watery discharge during period

Hi everyone,

I looked through the "discharge" and "menstruation" tagged entries and didn't find an answer, but please point me in the right direction if this has been discussed before.

Beginning last November, I noticed a clear, watery discharge during my period. At first I thought I was slightly smells vaguely like urine, but it's so hard to tell with the variety of aromas down there. It often soaks through my tampon and into my underwear. This ONLY happens during my period. I never notice it at any other time of the month. Exhaustive Googling has yielded very little.

I went for my yearly back in January and forgot to mention it to the doctor, but my pap and pelvic exam were both normal. I don't think it's anything to really be concerned about, but I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences this or knows what it is.

For the record, I'm 24, sexually active, I've never been pregnant, and never had any STIs.
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