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UTI and labia burning?

I have chronic UTIs. MY PCP doesn't believe my symptoms are from UTI's. SHe thinks IC. So, I stopped calling her when I had symptoms. So, I've been dealing with symptoms on and off now for over a month.

Last week both sides of my inner labia just burned. By the time I got off work I was in so much pain I didn't even want to sit in the car to drive home. I immediately got in the shower and rinsed off down there. It made the pain "better" for a short time, but didn't do much else.

The next day it had switched only to my right side and has stayed there. Starts of bearable in the AM and is excruciating by the time I leave work. I am anatomically different on that side, with much more skin to my labia than the other. Perfect hiding place for bacteria, right?

Yesterday I finally thought. "It's burning when I pee, not just in that area, but my whole urethra hurts." So, I took a urine sample to work, dipped it and showed it to one of the docs I work for. She gave me Cipro. Again, last night, pain was so bad I was in tears. I even made my boyfriend look at it to make sure there were no bumps or sores. Nothing. He said not even redness. Just this unexplainable burning.

Last night we went to dinner with friends. I had taken my first dose of Cipro, but used some Vagicaine because I didn't want to be in agony with our friends. I also used the Vagicaine right before bed last night. (Roughly 9:30 or 10:00) I also took a second dose of the Cipro.

This morning it feels better. Not 100% but a definite change. I don't think the Vagicaine would still be in effect, would it?

So, can a UTI that had gone undiagnosed cause this severe labial burning?

Before I started the Cipro, I had made an appointment with a uro, a new gyn, and a derm, just because I need to find someone who can help me.

ETA: It's not an STD. I've been tested for them all on more than one occasion because that's what everyone automatically thinks. The boyfriend and I have been together roughly 5 years and I have no reason to believe he would lie to me and he was unfaithful.
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