kimochi_i (kimochi_i) wrote in vaginapagina,

fingers not cutting it,

 hello there, its me again!
so um, recently i've been lazy and when i masturbate i usually just use this small bullet vibe on my clit. its fast and easy, and it works. 
now, my boyfriend was doing oral and using his fingers, and it felt good, but i wasn't getting anywhere near climax. he did it for quite some time too. so i decided to use my own fingers (like i did in the past) and, needless to say, it took FOREVER and i ended up using the shower-head to finish off. im worried that fingers just arent gonna cut it now, after using the vibe so much. D: any way to "fix" this?

also, i have been trying to figure out when im not ovulating because condoms are annoying and birth-control is a hassle. is this a good idea? does having unprotected sex when im not ovulating still present a risk? so far though, ive been having no luck determining when everything is cause my periods are pretty irregular. any way to find out when i ovulate, without involving doctors?

something else that i thought of. sometimes, when being fingered, i feel like i have to pee. im guessing its because his fingers are hitting somewhere? does this happen to anyone else? help?
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