Sara (mari_mac1109) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ben Wa/sex ball recommendation and a potentially silly question!

Hey VP!

I come asking for some personal reviews/recommendations! I'll have a bit of fun money coming my way and was thinking I'd invest in a nice set of Ben Wa balls as I have always been pretty fascinated by them. I'd say I have pretty decently toned pelvic floor muscles and, if past partners are to be believed, have pretty good control of 'em too. :D So, my main goal isn't tone so much as fun. Not that I wouldn't gladly take the extra tone too, though!

I'm really interested in having a bit of sensation when I have them in to increase general feelings of "yay!" and sensuality as I go about errands and such.

I've poked around Babeland and a few other sites, and I'm leaning toward either the Lelo Luna Beads or Fun Factory's Smartballs, but online reviews have left me unsure! I like that the Lelo set be used in a few different ways since they come with two weights and the balls can be used singly or together, but I've read that the sensation is really weak.

I'm open to other kinds too--these are just the fancy schmancy ones I've found in my browsing. If anyone knows a nice set of metal/marble/etc. and can vouch for them, I'd love the recommendation! Cost isn't a huge concern and I'm definitely in the market for a quality product.

And time for the silly question. I'm pretty sure the answer is "Nope!" but could the string/cord on the balls at all tug on my IUD strings in a risky way? I'd guess not, but better safe than sorry. :)

Thanks everyone!
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