thenuddpants (thenuddpants) wrote in vaginapagina,

How to Fade Hickeys?

Hey all,

I tend to like rougher sex, including but not limited to biting, etc, that often leads to really obvious marks and/or hickeys. Since in a lot of circles, hickeys are seen as kind of trashy (not to mention I would prefer not to advertise my sex life to others, like my professors or parents) I am looking for some good ways to fade them faster.

I picked up some Preparation H on the suggestion of my cousin (she said it works the best) but I am kind of off-put by the utterly non-natural/petroleum-filled grossness of it. It also doesn't seem to have made a huge difference, but I've only done one application of it.

Part of what I enjoy is the "marking" aspect of hickeys, so I have tried to steer most of them to areas covered by clothes, but neck and collarbone kissing/sucking/biting is so fabulous I just can't see myself taking it out of my sex life any time soon, lol.

In short... does anyone know any ways to fade a hickey faster? Or even recommendations for the best concealer to use to cover them?
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