may_third (may_third) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sudden hair loss, HBC the culprit?

Ahhh! VPers! I have insanely thick hair and all of the sudden, seemingly out of no where, it's falling out all over the place! Every time I run my hands through my hair, brush it, or shower and wash it, at least 10 hairs seem to be coming out. In the shower it's worse. I had been off HBC for a while and had 4 or 5 fine, regular periods and didn't notice anything...But then I went back on it last month and ever since it seems like I'm shedding a profuse amount of hair. I read in a health magazine that losing 40 or so hairs a day or enough to fill up a shower drain is considered normal for the hair cycle, but this is abnormal for me and it's freaking me out. It might be the HBC, or the fact that I've been wearing my hear up in a bun/braid/ponytail a lot more lately. Have any of you had experiences with shedding a lot? I guess I just need some peace of mind, I've read online a few places that HBC can cause hair loss but I need to be reassured D: Also since starting my HBC again, my scalp has been itchy. The itchiness just started within these past 2 weeks or so...Hormones, WTF?! Is it most likely hormones? The fact that I haven't been getting enough iron lately? I dunno! It's really starting to weird me out though. My hair doesn't LOOK like it's thinning, it's not noticeable by any means when you just look at me...but I seem to be shedding so much. :( Any anecdotal info/suggestions about what I could do would be greatly appreciated.
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