kaylomags (kaylomags) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nausea and Headache

This is probably not going to make much sense but if you can help please do.
* I got my period 7/31 and it was a normal 6 day. Around day 4 of my period I started the nuvaring. I was having trouble with it after 3 days and took it out.
* I then started bleeding the 7th which lasted like 3 days but heavy. Now I don't know which bleedy times to count to figure out my ovulation.
* I woke up this morning to splitting head syndrome and horrid nausea. My nausea has lessened a little bit but not completely. I think it would be too soon for a HPT going by either date but I'm not sure.
*When I was pregnant before I felt like this probably like 4 days after the sex in question.
So my questions are Which time would I could for my ovulation and what are the chances I'm actually pregnant?
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