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Hormonal contraceptives start my period?

So, I'm about to try getting an IUD. My period just started today, I found someone who's willing to give an IUD to someone who hasn't given birth (and never plans to), and I'm waiting for a call back about my appointment. I'm nearing my two-year anniversary with my first partner, a guy I could imagine spending the rest of my life with.

Here's where I'm concerned.

This past winter, around January, I had been on the pill for a year with no problems when my period arrived a week early. I kept taking the pill through it, thinking that maybe it would go away, but it didn't, and then on the off week it started up again with renewed strength. I didn't think much of it, though, until the next month when it happened again; my period started a week early and kept going even though I was still taking the pill. So that time I didn't take a week off of the pills--but it still started up again right when it would have if I had. I went to see my gynecologist, and she prescribed me a slightly stronger pill. So I go another two weeks without my period, but then it starts again, for three weeks this time. After that I have one week without my period, until pretty soon I have my period non-stop for eight weeks, not always very strong, but constant; sometimes it looked like it was going to end, only to start up again. My partner was understanding but we were both frustrated, and the whole time, summer was approaching, when we would both leave on our internships for three months.

I decided I wanted something different and more permanent, so we figured that I could try an IUD if I could find someone willing to take the legal risk of giving me one. Only, my gynecologist wanted my period to stop for a while before we tried doing it. The problem with that of course was that it wasn't stopping, no matter how much we tried increasing the dosage; finally, with a month left before I had to leave, I decided that since the pills weren't working to stop the problem, I would stop taking them. I did, and within a few days my period had stopped completely. By then, however, it was so close to the time I had to leave to go to Washington DC, we decided not to do it until after summer, since if anything went wrong I'd pretty much be SOL. My partner and I managed to have sex two or three times before we parted ways--not very well, since he doesn't function well with a condom and neither of us are really comfortable having sex while I'm on my period--and the one time I visited him I managed to use the pill without mishap, although it did start three days early. I then discontinued use until a week before I came home.

Now here I am, back home in Wisconsin, about to get one of the Mirena IUDs--possibly as soon as tomorrow--and my period started five days before the end of my active pills. I'm nervous that when I get the IUD, my period might not stop again, and that I'll be stuck for the three months or whatever waiting to see if it'll stop, unable to have sex with my partner after we've already been separated for so long. My doctor's never heard of this happening before, I have no family history of this, and my ultrasound I had back in spring came back normal. I don't know what my options would be if this doesn't work.

I don't usually worry about things, but I'm worried about this.
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