Mimiako (aynsih) wrote in vaginapagina,

Discharge and Late Period

 Hi, this is my first post here though I've been watching this place for a while. Recently some things have come up that I wanted to ask here for opinions and possible answers before I overly stress myself out.

Current Situation:
I can't remember the date of my last period, but if I remember correct it was around the 10th of July. I'm overly late, and I haven't even had any cramps or anything. I have a lot of stomach problems (IBS, Acid Reflux) so I can tell the differences usually in whats causing the pain. I am a virgin, though I've been dating a guy for a month and a half and we've fooled around a little, but nothing even close to penetration; heck not even him ejaculating so I say with confidence I'm not pregnant.
Then is the second problem, I've been having some slight discharge where it releases an occasional strong odor. I have a very sensitive nose, so may also possibly just be over exaggerating it. I take showers every other day or so (it is irregular with school and my first year of college, just arriving back from a family vacation and such.) After showers though, it seems to be gone but by the next day it's back. The discharge is a very slight yellow tinge in small chunks consistency--Not a lot of it though even. It itches occasionally and sometimes a slight irratation as of recently.

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention, Recently I had a really bad Strep throat for a while and had to take medicine for it, and I'm still slightly sick even now. 

I'm a virgin, but it is a it intimidating that my mom may think my boyfriend and I have already slept together because of having vaginal problems and no period, I'm scared they'll assume the worse. I've had bad experiences in the past with doctors and my sexual health that have left me intimidated to say the least. Long story short, I went to the doctor at 16 for some vaginal discomfort and they asked if I had sex before, and I answered "No" and she answered with a "Really...? Not even Oral?" and again, I answered No, slightly upset with the look she was giving me. A month later we received a bill for two STD tests (which came back negative)  on my parents bill that costed a hefty amount and left them shocked that I could of received a STD and had sex (with my longtime boyfriend at the time was what they were suspicious about.) What made it worse was when we called the office to ask about it, the doctor informed my mother that she couldn't tell them my answer, as it was confidential, even if I told her to tell them. To condense, it was a nasty mess that made me slightly afraid of telling my parents or seeing a doctor about vaginal discomfort.

Thank you guys for your time, and I'm sorry if it's too much information, I'm just worried and didn't know exactly how much to put. :) 
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