Becca (beccalicious_xo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Gyno? Endo?

So, my doctor likes to make me have a pap done every 6 months. Everytime the cells come back "abnormal", but that's "normal" for me, and "abnormal" runs in my family apparently. She assures me it's nothing big (cancer, STI, etc), but wants to keep doing it every 6 months.

Until I had this female doctor, I had not had a pap, despite being sexually active for four years prior to and being on the pill. I kept avoiding the appointments and rebooking them.

It's the 6 month mark, and I've been booked for one on September 3. My doctor is going off on maternity leave, and there's a chance I could get the doctor that I've been avoiding having do them. He's an older man who I'm not 100% comfortable discussing my girly bits with.

I do have PCOS, and signs of endomitriosis (self-diagnosed, ha!)

Would it benefit me to make an appointment with a gyno? An endo? Does one usually need a referral for these appointments?

I'm really NOT comfortable with the man doing the pap and have relayed this to the doctors' office, however they said that it's not safe that I wait until the female doctor is back. I'm thinking of calling the morning of and asking who's doing it, and if he is, saying I'm 100% NOT comfortable, and rebooking. Safe or not safe, I need to be comfortable.
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