//Dreaming lightly on your own// (in_pieces) wrote in vaginapagina,
//Dreaming lightly on your own//

HBC and heat

I went on vacation a few weeks ago. During that time, at least for the first two days, the temperature was hot, mid 90s with a heat index nearing 110 or so. Since we were outdoors, I kept my BC in a small backpack that we carried around, until we got back to our hotel at night.

I'm pretty sure that everything is fine, since its the same procedure that I did last year, but i'm really wanting to have the sexytimes with the boyfriend now, and I will be getting my period on friday...

so really, since the majority of the time, the pills were in my purse while driving (so they were in an air conditioned car, away from light), or in a backpack, albiet outside, the whole issue with HBC and temperature shouldn't be a problem right?

I guess I just want a bit of piece of mind that they're fine. If worse comes to worse, I'll just wait to have sex, until I've started my new pack. I shouldn't have to wait any period of time after I start my new pack right?
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