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Using garlic to treat a yeast infection.

Greetings, all!  This post is for all the home remedy heroes out there on VP.

I recently discovered that I have my first yeast infection.  I noticed some itchiness at the base of my vaginal opening and an unpleasant odor on Sunday and I went to the clinic on Monday to find out for sure what it was.  I received fluconazole/diflucan (single dose) to treat it but have not yet taken it.  My personal history with Western medications has yielded more complications and adverse effects than success so I'm a little jaded (and conversely I've always had great success with, at worst, neutral effects from natural remedies) and the reviews I'd read online didn't give me much confidence in this pill on the long term. 

I went online and discovered a couple of cures that worked for others: ACV baths (is there anything apple cider vinegar is not used to cure?), yogurt, and garlic.  Being far too tall for a bath in my tub I'm too lazy to clean, I haven't tried the ACV bath and I've yet to try to the yogurt remedy as well.  On Monday night, I tried the garlic remedy, which simply consists of inserting a freshly peeled clove of garlic vaginally.  The next morning, the itching had almost completely subsided.  I did notice the tiniest light pink trace of blood when I wiped after peeing last night, but there was no pain and I didn't think much of it (I am expecting my period within the week or so).  I repeated the process last night.  This morning, I noticed that though the itching hasn't returned, the area is a little tender to the touch when I wipe after peeing I am spotting. There is still very little but more blood.  I asked my partner to take a look and he says I look red  and "raw".  I know that some folks are very sensitive to the garlic's juice and that's why it's advised not to nick or slice the clove while peeling.  I've been threading the cloves with a needle to make them easier to remove in the mornings.  Could this be the reason I am having this effect?  Has anyone else had this reaction?  And if so, any advice?  Thanks to all who can contribute.


PS - For all those inclined, my partner has pretty much covered all of the safe-guarding-my-vagina-against-vampires jokes...
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