thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Completely skipped a pill last month - now what?

Hi friends! Once again, I'm having a birth control problem that I can't seem to understand for sure. A few weeks back, I posted a question that I can't find now. Basically I dropped one of my Ortho Tri Cylin Lo pills and lost it. So what I ended up doing was starting a new pack at the same place I dropped the old pill. I went through the end of the new pack and then started the new month from the beginning of the new pack. Now that I'm almost back to the place where I can finish the old one, I'm still stuck with the same problem. I'm going to be short one pill this month.

Now, I have a few questions:

Will my unprotection begin as soon as my body misses this pill? (Because I know normally I'm not protected on my period week if I have less than 21 days of pills... but since this is a triphasic pill, will my body recognize that it's missing one of its middle phases and stop the protection then?)

There is a possibility that I will need protection later this month/beginning of September. Condoms will be used, but I would like to know that my pills are working fine. Could I just get a new pack and start from the beginning, so that I will have had at least 21 pills? Like, just stop at day 14, where I'm at now, and start today on day 1 of a new pack? I know that this would have been fine on a monophasic pill, but does that work on triphasic pills? I read the vulvapaedia section on skipping a period on a triphasic pill but I'm confused about how I might do it if I'm smack in the middle. If I start over now, I'd be starting at a lower hormone than where I'm at right now, which might cause a breakthrough bleed (but maybe not - since the pill I'm at now is in the middle of the pack, not the end).

Could I just throw the rest of this pack away and just start a new, complete pack from where I am in the cycle? That would make the protection 100% complete, right?

Wayyy too many questions. Maybe you could just point to one option and say THATS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!!!!

I just basically don't want to wait for two months to know that I have complete protection.

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