lucymalfoy (lucymalfoy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lack of sex drive on HBC

I've been taking Trinessa since about April 2009. I initially started taking it to help with my problematic skin, but now I continue to take it as contraception since I am sexually active with my boyfriend of nine months. I like being on the pill because it made my breasts grow, my skin cleared up, my periods are more predictable and lighter, and my mood improved.

As soon as I started taking the pill, I gained a little bit of weight and my sex drive disappeared almost completely. By sex drive, I mean general horniness. For the past year and a halfish, I rarely feel super aroused by mental things that used to turn me on. While watching porn, reading erotica, or fooling around over clothes and above the waist with my boyfriend, I might think "Oh, that sounds hot," but I don't feel the same stirring "itch" that I used to feel.

At the same time, my body still responds to physical stimulation. I get very turned on as soon as my clit is touched. So I get aroused easily, but I'm never horny and have no real desire to be aroused, if that makes sense. Still, though, I never experienced an orgasm before going on the pill, mostly because I wasn't as in touch with what made my body feel good as I am now, so I don't really know if it's the pill that is inhibiting my ability to orgasm now. Regardless, I think that the HBC must be contributing to this inability on some level because some of the things that I do to myself and my boyfriend does to me feel ridiculously good, like they should lead to orgasm because of how crazy they drive me with pleasure. I do, of course, understand that bodies are funny things and don't have to respond to pleasure in any specific way; I'm just really, really surprised that I haven't had an orgasm from some of the stuff that I have felt. I just feel like if it weren't for the pill, I might have had an orgasm by now.

I am considering talking to a health professional about switching brands of birth control, but I want to be a little bit more educated before I have this discussion. I know about a few basic things about birth control, such as the difference between monophasic and triphasic pills, progesterone-only pills, and that some have a higher level of hormones than others, but I don't know what these differences really do.

For example, would POP have less of a chance of affecting my sex drive since it has one hormone less than others? Would switching to a monophasic pill offer the same skin-clearing benefits as the Trinessa that I am taking now?

Overall, is there a different specific type of contraceptive that is less likely to affect my sex drive? My boyfriend and I already use condoms, but we are not comfortable having sex if we are not doubled up on protection against pregnancy. We are also not comfortable with relying on withdrawal as a form of contraception, despite any reassurances of its reliability. I would rather not use Norplant or an IUD because they seem too invasive and potentially painful for me, however I especially would not want a copper IUD due to the potential of worsened periods, although I understand that the lack of hormones could be a plus for me. Without these options, I guess it comes down to birth control pills, so is there a specific type of pill that could help with this situation?
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