keygrace (keygrace) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hey :)

Ok my friend has been diagnosed with vaginismus and I get what it is and everything (done my fair share of Googling on the subject) but she's starting therapy for it and I'd like to be a more understanding best friend on the topic.
Has anyone here suffered from it? Has anyone overcome it?
She's got it (from what she's told me) because the first couple times she had sex it was really painful and she says she started wincing when it came to sex and then it became really difficult to have it at all, even though her bf's really considerate.
I'm trying dead hard to let her talk it through and give her advice as to how to talk to her therapist but at the same time I'm very aware of how little I know about girls' experience with the condition, so if anyone had any insight that'd be amazing?
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