Life is A HighWay..Im going to ride it on my own.. (vagueexistence) wrote in vaginapagina,
Life is A HighWay..Im going to ride it on my own..

Yeast Infection?

I think I have the most intense yeast infection ever. About a week ago, I took a dose of diflucan and started a 7 day pack of Monistat. I stopped taking the Monistat because the burning was absolutely intense. I went to Planned Parenthood on Saturday because I figured this can't JUST be a yeast infection. She tested me for clamydia and ghonorea, bv, and other things. Under the microscope, she saw NO white blood cells ( which means no infection.) It's 3 days later and I just took a second dose of diflucan 4 hours ago ( per her order). I also just took an apple cider vinegar bath. The burning feels worse now after the bath.

HAS ANYONE ever had a yeast infection this bad? I'm so uncomfortable and keep telling myself that it's something other than a yeast infection which I'm sure is making the pain even worse. HELP??
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