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UTI after sex?

Hey everyone,

Sorry if something similar has been asked before, I just wanted to get some advice :)

My boyfriend and I are long-distance for a large proportion of the year, so when we see each other there's obviously a lot of sex going on for a few days. It's usually all good at the time (except occasionally a slight bit of soreness, but I guess that can only be expected when having a lot of sex after a few weeks of none at all). But then about a day later, I sometimes get really sore. I saw him this weekend, and about 30 hours after I left him, I started to get really sore - really painful burning when I pee (pretty sure it's due to the pee stinging the vagina, rather than any sort of urinary infection, but I might be wrong), a bit of itching, and an urge to pee even when I know I don't need to go. There's also been a bit of really, really watery blood. Is this a normal thing to happen after a lot of sex, just due to general soreness? Or have I got some sort of infection? I get it fairly often after lots of sex, and I'd hate to think I'm allergic to him or anything haha. It usually goes away after a day or two, so I've never had it checked out - reckon I should?

Thanks for any help.

Edit: So I took your advice and went to the doctor, and she gave me some antibiotics. I HATE going to the doctor, but I guess I'm glad I did, cos it's still been hurting all day :( thanks for all the help!!
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