extra_thursday (extra_thursday) wrote in vaginapagina,

how much cranberry supplement to take?

greetings, superstars!

after having extremely mild uti-ish symptoms on and off for about a week, i went out and bought some of those home testing strips.  i got the vague result - i may or may not have a uti (thanks test, i could have told you that), but i am now experiencing no symptoms.  i bought some cranberry supplement at the drugstore today, 475mg pills, to hopefully discourage any bacteria that might still be in there from hanging on.  my problem?  the back of the bottle says to take 4 capsules a day!  holy crap! 

do i actually have to take this much of the supplement for it to be helpful?  my concerns are twofold: i am a terrible pill swallower and thus hesitant to take 4 of these largeish pills, and i feel like i'll run out really fast if i take 4 a day, and these are already not really in my budget.  

my google-fu has failed me - various websites have given me a really wide range of "how much is enough."  recommendations?
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