Foxy (foxypadawan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Coming off Cerazette/managing period pain

Hey all

After just under four years on Cerazette I've decided to come off it for a while. My doctor told me that my periods shoudl return immediately and I'll fall back into my usual cycle, however a quick Google tells me that it could take up to 18 months for my body to adjust to being Cerezette free. I'm a little sceptical that it could take so long so I was hoping a few people hear could let me know about their experiences coming off Cerezette? Also, part of the reason for going on Cerazette was to get rid of my horrendous period pain. Now that they'll (hopefully?!) be coming back can anyone tell me if those period specific painkiller you see in Boots and Superdrug and the like any good or should I just stick with good old ibuprofen?

Thanks, as ever!
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