secretstar07979 (secretstar07979) wrote in vaginapagina,

I need to have a LLETZ procedure =(

Hey VPers, some of you might remember my last post about needing a colposcopy.

Well to cut a long story short I had my colposcopy yesterday and they confirmed that I have CIN II / moderate cell changes. The doctor recommended I have a LLETZ procedure under a local anesthetic right there and then but I was so upset and frightened that they decided it was too much of a risk to do it whilst I was awake in case I jerked the doctor's hand where I was so upset!

I have to go back in a few weeks and have it after being put to sleep. I'm only 22 and if I hadn't taken this matter into my own hands and paid for a private smear test I wouldn't even be aware of this. That's what freaks me out the most and it makes me feel like I can't trust a word doctors say =(.

Basically I'm scared. Have any of you had this procedure? The doctor assured me that it is years away from cancer but how can they know that? I had mild changes back in April and they progressed to moderate changes by July! So it doesn't seem to be a process that takes years... And will this procedure actually 'cure' me? I don't want to be one of these women with on-going women's health problems =(

If I have got this due to having HPV and if my boyfriend has HPV, will he not simply transmitt it back to me?

I have lost all my confidence in the bedroom and the sight of my cervix magnified on a screen in the colposcopy clinic made me feel sick! I just want this to be over =(

Thanks for reading xxx

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