piperki (piperki) wrote in vaginapagina,

perimenopause, heavy bleeding/cramping

First - I have already been to the gynecologist a couple of months ago, had a pelvic ultrasound, had a nice chat and everything is normal for me at 45 years old, though I have a small fibroid and I get migraines around my period. So, not to worry. I'm having periods closer together and have been for the past few years. Lately the bleeding is getting heavier, and the doc and I talked about hormones (I said no, BCP gives me yeast infections and I'm not really interested in HRT) or surgery (we both felt it was kind of early to do that). I take (daily) calcium, magnesium, D3 and riboflavin (for the migraines).

The past two mornings I woke up with cramps so bad I was panting, seriously. Ibuprofen helps a lot. This morning I needed an Imitrex for the migraine and after taking that I started bleeding more seriously, seeing clots etc. I have a ton of stuff to get done today (we're packing/leaving for a family trip tomorrow, and getting ready to move to a new house right after that). I'm wondering what I could do right now, today, that would make me feel better, because I just feel sore crampy and gushy and gross. I have on hand raspberry leaf tea, chasteberry capsules, evening primrose capsules, and the usual OTC meds like ibuprofen. Anyone have a suggestion?

ETA: Thanks, everyone--I did continue taking ibuprofen and drinking lots of water. I had a cup of raspberry tea as well. After bleeding so dismayingly hard all morning, I settled down to about 10% of that by mid-afternoon (not uncommon for me) and I feel fine now.
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