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Late period...because of mononucleosis/Epstein-Barr Virus?? How does mono affect hormones/periods?

Hey LJ community!
Okay...I'm on day 33 going into 34 of my cycle and I usually am a 28 day cycle kind of girl (not used to being late), so this is kinda not jiving with me. I was wondering if anyone who has had mono or knows about side effects of having mono could give me some insight on a period being late because of mono or hormones being affected by mono?? I've had it for what has probably been two months (it got worse the end of July/beginning of August and now my lymph nodes and spleen are finally going down in energy levels have been doing much better for the past week or so too). Also...just to hopefully rule pregnancy out or the picture..last time I had sex was June 20th (used a condom and plan B afterward)...had my period like 4 days after that and had a period July 20th as well....had a negative take home pregnancy test at the end of July as well...haha I'm very cautious if you can't tell :-P). I'm pretttty dang sure I'm not pregnant. Also, I'm not on birth control pills. So....mono?? I feel like I read something about lymph nodes controlling hormones in the I've been taking an incredible amount of vitamins and supplements to help my situation! (some stress too since I started rehearsals for a musical I was cast in this past week...nervous I wouldn't be able to sing with a swollen spleen).
Ahhh! lol I am silly. But having feedback eases my mind; plus, I'm a detail oriented person and love learning about things. It's all just not sitting right with me. Any insight would be sooo amazing!!! Much <3 and Thank you!!!!!

Plus: How long do I have to wait before I can kiss someone again!?!? lol!! Without spreading the illness........

PS: I know it's not vagina related so to speak, but any ideas how to keep getting this spleen back to normal!? lol! This virus is AWFUL!!

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