Beccasaurus Rex (kyos_the_schmex) wrote in vaginapagina,
Beccasaurus Rex

new nuvaring user, cramps

i just got my first nuvaring.  i've had it in three days.  today i noticed some cramping when i woke up, not period-cramps, but .. it felt like my vagina hurt.  i basically ignored it and figured it was just my body getting used to the nuvaring being in there (one of my exes said my vagina felt short?  i dunno.. but the nuvaring barely fits..) but as the day passed, i got more period-like cramps.

is this normal?  they're not too too bad, just annoying.. and making me kindof worried.  they didn't do a pregnancy test on me, because the last time i'd had intercourse, i was on depo and it was june.  the doctor said that there was no chance i was pregnant, and i didn't have any symptoms of pregnancy.

should i call the health department on monday, or is this normal?
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