boo (vldtheimpaler) wrote in vaginapagina,

Normal post-virginity behaviour?

So, I lost my virginity last night, and I'm a bit worried about (what I'm hoping is) mucousy discharge?

We used a condom, though we had to change it after a while because the first one kept slipping off, or looked way stretched out or something. Today I noticed there was some kind of mucousy stuff around or just inside my vag, and I'm kind of freaking out at it possibly being semen. It was a little bloody (I didn't bleed at all last night) so I was hoping it was just my own, eh, stuff. Would it be normal for this occur or should I be thinking of getting some emergency contraceptives, which I wouldn't be able to get until Monday :/

edit: I've just had my period, it finished on Thursday, but I have no idea if I would be fertile atm as a) I don't know how to figure out when I ovulate and b) my periods are never the same time every month.
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