oceanhotel (oceanhotel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Annoying YI that won't go away

I have been on many different antibiotics within the last six months. Probably 5-6 from uti's and ear infections, etc. Well I started to have white discharge (NOT like cottage cheese) and irritation down there and a pressure that almost feels like urgency. Urine tests are clear. At my first pap test, the gyno said I was red inside and had BV. She did not test the discharge, which to me is stupid. I have been suffering with this for months and all along thought that it must be a uti or something. Anyways, she gave me metroniazole. It did not help at all. My health insurance sadly ended shortly after. I called the gyno's office back and told the nurse, she said to come in for a swabbing which costed more than I could afford so I asked if maybe it could be a yeast infection since metronizadole did not clear it up. She called in a one dose of fluconazole. I took it and it did not help, it actually made the mons pubis area burn/sting!

Then a few days ago, I went to the health dept. got swabbed and she said there was no bacteria(BV) but I guess she said there was some yeast. She gave me fluconazole - two doses. First dose did not help, second dose may have helped a little. For a long time I have been taking acidophilus capsules and femflora, which has many different bacterias for the vagina and that has not made a difference either. The only thing I have ever done different that has probably caused this is since I started the antibiotics. I have heard that there are certain strains that cannot be helped like non-albians or something. Can they check for that? oh, to feel completely normal again! can someone help me?

p.s. I prefer to not put anything up there like monistat as I do not even use tampons.

Also, I know people can get oral thrush or candida on their tongue, I did have some, not alot and I now noticed that it has gotten alot smaller. There is a smallish patch now up higher. Is this a good sign?
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