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when can i start having sex again after using metrogel to treat bv?

I found out after a visit to the gyno on Monday that I have a mild case of BV. Bummer! She prescribed me 5 days worth of generic Metrogel to be applied at night and all seems to be fine. The slight fishy odor (that was never bad enough for me to think something was wrong!) went away after the first day of treatment.

Tonight is my last night, and I'm seeing my boyfriend tomorrow and we're ready to bone down! We use condoms as our only method of birth control, so what I'm wondering is how any residual Metrogel left in my vag will impact the condoms. I think w/ stuff like Monistat you're supposed to wait a few extra days for it to clear out since it has mineral oil and can potentially break condoms -- so I'm wondering if there's the same risk with Metrogel.

We really wanna get our freak on tomorrow (abstaining for the past 5 days has been hard!), so if anyone knows what's up with this, I'd really love to know!
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