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Mirena and odd periods

Hi all!

I've had my Mirena IUD since November 2009. I have not stopped getting my period, but it is very light and irregular. There have been months when I've skipped it entirely, and taken pregnancy tests which are always negative.

This month I'm having a different problem. I've had my period for about 2 weeks now. This is, obviously, NOT FUN. It is mostly old-looking blood, and some days I don't bleed at all, but a few days ago I had a LOT of bright red blood and now it seems to be tapering off with that icky brown stuff.

Anyone else had super-long periods? Is it just an extended spotting? I haven't had sex at all but I have been using sex toys. I am thinking of going into my local woman's health clinic to ask them. I am not having pain, but I am worried something might be up with my IUD that is causing me to bleed constantly.
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